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A Team Dedicated to an Honest and Friendly Service

A Team Dedicated to an Honest and Friendly Service

The cornerstone of our service is communication. We are dedicated to providing you the attention and support you deserve, so we’re always available through text or phone at any time – even in emergency situations!

Sell Your Home
You can’t go wrong by trusting the sale of your home to a trusted partner. We’re here for you at every step, providing expert advice and representation as we help guide you through the process so that everything is completed smoothly and efficiently!

Buy A Home

We’ll get to work on the home of your dreams. We’ve got a proven record of success and are committed to helping you find what will make this house feel like it is yours- from start finish, we want you in that perfect place!

Let us help with your dream purchase – no matter where or when: let’s share our award winning reputation for finding homes for people just like yourself at all stages of life.

Our Expertise
When you work with us, we guarantee to provide the necessary knowledge and market information that is vital for success. We are a local company with excellent standing in our industry as an expert of all things surrounding your project.


Renton and his team have been absolutely amazing. We moved in to one of his properties 3 years ago. When we had a maintenance issue Renton would respond in a matter of minutes. Literally within 30 minutes I would have a reply with the repairman information. There was only one time that we had a delay in getting something repaired and that 100% came down to the repair company dropping the ball. When Renton was made aware of the delay he immediately offered compensation and had the issue corrected within 2 days. I have lived in many apartments all over the Vegas Valley with a full maintenance staff 24hours a day and have not received the level of service or responsiveness that I have received from Renton. He is amazing! Anyone that says anything different must have issues of their own. Renton was always kind, compassionate, and responsive no matter the day or time. My family and I are very grateful for Renton and are devastated at having to move!! Anyone that has the chance to work with Renton is very lucky.