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The FUTURE of Las Vegas HOUSING?

The FUTURE of Las Vegas HOUSING? LIVV Homes is Bringing Modern Luxury + AI Powered Homes to Nevada

LIVV Homes is bringing luxury modern homes + AI power to Las Vegas, Nevada. Philippe Ziade is the CEO of Growth Holdings, which does business as Growth Luxury Homes. He is also the CEO of Livv, a company that specializes in building luxury homes. Livv is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, and has two current development projects: Neo and Magnus. Neo has received all of the necessary government entitlements and is ready to begin construction. However, construction on Magnus has not yet begun because the company is still in the process of obtaining all of the required entitlements from Clark County. Philippe Ziade is an experienced CEO with a successful track record in the luxury homebuilding industry. He has experience spearheading projects from start to finish, and he is confident that Li will be a success story. Under his leadership, the company has already secured funding from major investors and has obtained all of the necessary entitlements for its first project. With construction set to begin soon, Livv Homes is on track to become a major player in the Las Vegas luxury home market.

Livv is a new real estate development company that is focused on creating sustainable, tech-forward communities. Their flagship development, Neo, is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The community spans 60 acres and is adjacent to the MacDonald Highlands. According to Steve Escalante, vice president of business development for Livv, the company has plans to develop similar communities in other markets across the United States, including Phoenix, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. The homes in these communities will be powered by Tesla technology and will be net-zero energy positive. This means that they will produce more energy than they consume, making them environmentally sustainable. In addition to being eco-friendly, the homes will also feature state-of-the-art amenities and will be connected to a central smart home system. This system will allow residents to control everything from the temperature of their home to the lighting and security. Livv’s goal is to create sustainable communities that are comfortable and convenient for residents.

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